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The Land of The Dead
What led me to this this conclusion?  The Internet footprint of Jamestown and the surrounding areas in Fentress county.

Let's start with the courthouse.  You have to walk through a graveyard to get into the building.  And while the argument might be made that the graveyard has been there for decades, it has been said that first impressions are very important.  What impression does it give you?
Web Presence  Perhaps we can move on to the website.  On the main page we have the courthouse image, but then we have a host of images and links promoting the almost worship of the dead.  The Chamber of Commerce website.  This site has images about ten years old of it's employees, missing links, a years old "Buy Local" campaign video, and a lot of outdated material, and there is a question that some of the email addresses are even monitored.  These two websites should be the best Internet footprint for the area, and sadly they might be just that.  There were many community websites, but few are left.  Missing in action: Sheriff, County, City of Jamestown, Fire, Emergency Management, Library, and many more.  A business looking to relocate wouldn't even think that Jamestown or Fentress county even exist.

Industrial Development Board.  These guys created Clarkrange Regional Business Park, an industrial park complete with all the infrastructure a business would want, however, it's been competed for years and has yet to attract a single tenant.  One would think even a poorly run marketing company could get one ... in YEARS!

Real Estate  The number of foreclosures is a mirror image of the local economy, and before you say "true, but the entire world is in decline," I would remind you that Fentress county was declared an economic disaster by the Federal Government ten years before the economic down turn occurred.  It appears that the plan, or lack of one, to boost the local economy has not been successful.  It appears that everyone who can leave does!

Local Businesses  As I walk down the main streets of the City of Jamestown, via Google's Street View, the images of so many closed businesses there bring to mind, that the dreams of those whose businesses failed, died as well.  Without a vision, the people perish.  Someone needs to get that vision of the future, and share it with all who'll listen.  Except the Lord build the house, they that labor labor in vain.  I read that in a really good book.

Crime  The area seems to have a disproportionate number of people who use a drug called methamphetamine, and an incredible number of people who manufacture it.  When those people run out of drugs and money too, what do you think they do?  Go straight?  I think they sell goods they steal from the local law abiding residents.  This may just prove that "Idle hands are the devil's workshop."  Why are those hands idle?

Conclusion  This assessment is based upon what one can know from afar via the Internet.  I will have to imagine that there are a number of people living there who do not dwell on the historical remembrance of those who are dead.  The web presentation of Jamestown, and Fentress County, Tennessee, paints the picture of a dying animal whose muscle spasms jerk just before death.  No, they are not dead yet, but they are dying slowly and very painfully.  Why do the websites have the near worship of the dead?  Perhaps they see their own future as dying.  So for now, with no further information, based upon my Internet research, Jamestown is truly The Land of the Dead.
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