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As we enter the 21st Century let us give thanks for the many blessings we have recieved.  Let us thank God for watching over this Great Nation and allowing us to enjoy the Freedoms we experience every day. Let us also remember the Great price that was paid.  The Revolutionary War, War Between The States, and more recently, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and other conflicts around the world.
Many times down thru the years our Country called, and young men and women from Fentress County answered the call.  The following Fentress Countians gave the Supreme Sacrifice during:
World War I:
Killed In France
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Virgil Bowden Oct.14,1918 Benton Hughes July 1918 Henry H. Jones July 1918 George L. Sidner Oct.5,1918 Van Williams Oct. 1918
Died Of Wounds
Wayne S.Beaty Nov.18,1918 France Virgil Beaty Aug.18,!918 France Francis M. Davis Oct.27,1918 England
Died Of Disease
Everett Allred Jan.21,1918 France James W. Black Oct.4,1918 France Loyd O. Cooper Oct.8,1918 France Roscoe Fowler Dec.13,1917 South Carolina
Mack Green Dec.12,1917 Georgia Henry L. Hicks Aug.1918 Georgia Alder H. Millsaps Mar.13,1918 Georgia Minnis L. Reagan Nov.23,1918
W. Alfred Stephens Oct.14,1918 France Birdie K. Turner Oct.7,1918 France W. H. Anderson Nov.6,1918 France  

World War II:
Search for World War II Killed or Missing In Action
During World War II there were very few families that were not touched by the loss of a loved one. Those killed during World War II:
J.D. Allred Lester E. Anderson Edgar B. Atkinson Lonzo E. Atkinson Chester H. Beaty Willie B. Beaty William M. Beaty
Elmo Bertram Normal Bilbrey Fred J. Blevins Don Bowden Elzie Brown Roy Carney Andrew B. Chambers
Guy M. Choate Houck H. Choate Willie C. Choate Coleman B. Clemons Lelon L. Cobble Lindsey Cody Clarence O. Cook
Caleb F. Crabtree Charlie W. Crabtree Earl D. Davis Willard C. Dossett Walter Franklin Milton Hatfield Noah P. Hensley
Walter C. Hicks Lonzie W. Hurst Cosby A. Tinch Delmer E. Crouch William K. Murray George W. Clark Raymond W. Hurst
Joe C. Isabell Hurstle Jones Lonnie W. Jones Joe H. Ledbetter Asby C. Linder William D. Mullinix Egbert C. Norman
Ivan E. Overstreet Thomas L. Owens Woodrow W. Owens Carlie E. Perry Thomas D. Pierce Earnest C. Price Charlie C. Ramsey
Willie R. Ramsey Ergo T. Robbins Ralph Slaven Bethel Smith John T. Smith Jr. Quentin Smith Marion E. Stephens
James M. Summers Ethridge Turner Willard M. Upchurch Ralph L. Wheaton David M. Williams Clarence E. Wilson Warren D. Wright
Walter E. York Edward Frazier Walter Ledford Haskel D. Winningham      

Korean War
Search For Korean War Killed or Missing In Action
After only a few short years Americans were again called to duty, Fentress Countians again were there.  The following were killed in Korea:
Hershel B. Gooding Claxton C. Hinds Stanley R. Lowe Jack D. Parker
Garry R. Russell Robert L. Sheppard Myrl R. Turner James B. Upchurch
Herbert C. Whited Hollie M. Yates Johnie L. Young Leonard J. Dishman

Vietnam War
Not long after Korea Americans were called to action in a remote part of Southeast Asia, Vietnam.  Fentress countians killed in Vietnam:
Bobby R. Brown Jerry Albert Campbell David A. Crabtree George R. Crabtree
Larry Thomas Owens Oswald Clayton South Jr. William Orel Vaughn Gasper Allen Voiles

This site is dedicated to the men and women who have served, and continue to serve in the Armed Forces of the United States, and to the memory of those that gave the Supreme Sacrifice to preserve our way of life.  May God Bless America!

If you have a loved one whose name is on this page I would be honored to add their picture as a link to each name.  Scan the picture and e-mail it to me, or if you live locally I will scan and add it to the site.  Let's not forget the sacrifice of these brave men and women.

John B. Mullinix

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